Herreshoff Schooner Ingomar
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The schooner Ingomar was designed and built by Nathanael G. Herreshoff for Commodore Morton F. Plant in 1903 for the purpose of racing abroad. The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company had a great experience in building steel-hulled schooners and the Ingomar was later acknowledged by "Nat" to have been one of their best.

She measured 127 feet overall, 87 feet on the waterline, with a 24'3" beam and 15 foot draft.
Rapidly buidting a reputation as a successful racing schooner, she won numerous prizes in the United States, winning the Astor Cup in Newport, the United Kindom and Germany, under the command of Captain Charley Barr, where she participated in the Kiel regatta of 1904 against Kaiser Wilhelm II's Meteor.

After this period, less records exist, and due in part to the First World War, she was laid up for many years.
In 1925, Spencer Borden bought and renovated her, cruising for several years before her sale to Albert F. Hoffman, her last owner.
She was sadly lost after running aground in the infamous Frying Pan Shoals in 1931.

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